What’s cooking after school?

School had finished for the day, but a group of 3rd through 5th grade students at Geneva Elementary were still excited to learn as they gathered to make tacos. Working as a team, students chopped apple and cabbage and made their own tortillas from scratch. Apple, cabbage and mozzarella?!! At first, kids hesitated at the […]

Cooking with Common Threads: Potato Curry!

Did you know that the spice turmeric comes from a rhizome of a plant in the ginger family? That cumin was used in mummification in ancient Egypt? That black pepper actually is the fruit of the plant? Our students are learning about these spices and much more in this month’s recipe: Potato Curry. Our recipe […]

Local Farms Contribute to Classroom Cooking

From November through March close to 6,000 kids in 273 classrooms across 21 Whatcom County Schools are cooking with Common Threads. The students–aged 5 through 14–get to peel, chop, grate, stir up, and savor a healthy meal cooked communally. While we source as much produce as possible from our partner school gardens, especially Whatcom Middle […]

Cooking with Common Threads

We had such a great time gardening this fall! Our students learned and experienced so much while exploring the wonders of our school gardens! Now that we’ve pulled in our harvest, planted cover crop and mulched our garden beds for winter, we turn to classroom cooking sessions and after-school cooking clubs…HOORAY!!! Our team of Americorps […]

8th Annual Harvest Dinner – a Community Celebration!

For our 8th Annual Harvest Dinner, over 100 friends and family celebrated with Common Threads the harvest of crops planted throughout the year, and the role of community in growing good eaters! Preparation began many months prior, of course, with cultivating soil and planting seeds! In the days and weeks leading up to the event, […]

School Garden Spotlight: Lowell Elementary

Lowell Elementary 3rd grade teacher Liane Koester likes to emphasize “bringing the food cycle full circle.” That full circle is made manifest in the Lowell School Garden! Established in the spring of 2016, the Lowell garden was the result of Lowell PTA vision, with support from Common Threads and funding from diverse grants and donations. Lowell […]

Introducing Common Threads’ 2017-18 Americorps Team…

Common Threads is growing! Our largest Americorps team yet includes Food Educators and also School Farmers, serving collaboratively to ensure community-wide support for thriving school garden learning spaces, increased outreach to families, after-school programs, and inter-agency partnerships. Find out who’s connecting kids to healthy food at a site near you! (click a link to read […]


As schools return to their rhythms and garden lessons commence, we thank and applaud our summer garden care volunteers – our Garden Angels! Having signed up at the end of spring, Garden Angels cared for gardens all summer – weeding, harvesting, and keeping plants alive during some long hot days! The responsibility and resourcefulness supplied […]

Intern Spotlight: Amber Anderson

Common Threads cherishes interns who contribute multifaceted talents, kindnesses, and passions to growing good eaters! This summer, we were delighted to welcome Amber Anderson whose internship was a culminating experience for a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health at Western Washington University. Amber worked alongside Common Threads Americorps Food Educators during our summer programs […]

Harvest Dinner 2015 – what a night!

Looking for information about the upcoming Harvest Dinner?  Find it here!   Over 150 people attended the 6th annual Harvest Dinner on Thursday, October 29! AmeriCorps Food Educators worked hard early in the week to harvest vegetables that had been grown by kids in school gardens. On the day of the event, they worked with […]