There are a number of excellent resources for gardening with students in a school setting. Check out our Book List for everything from fiction and nonfiction books about gardening to curricular resources (both book and web based).

Acorn Naturalists and the National Gardening Association also have terrific resources (everything from books to activities to tools) for gardening with kids.

There are so many things to learn in the garden! Our choice is to focus on teaching kids how to grow and enjoy healthy food while also aligning with Next Generation Science Standards, Washington State Health and Nutrition Standards, and Washington State Environmental and Sustainability Standards.

For a peek of some examples of how we’re engaging kids in fun and standards-aligned learning in the garden Click Here (with appreciation to LifeLab for the work they’ve done on aligning garden based learning with NGSS and Common Core standards).


Resources that we have created:


Other resources & programs we admire: