Red, White & Blue Day – July 3rd

Red, White & Blue Day stories and recipes:

On July 3rd, campers celebrated the eve of the holiday by making Independence-themed crafts and healthy Red, White & Blue snacks! Campers busily painted patriotic stick flags using twigs and sticks found around The Outback Farm. They created star spangled slime, and painted fireworks.

They made the following tasty snacks:

We hope that your child came home with some awesome decorations, tasty snack ideas, and some extra Independence Day spirit for the 4th!

Some stories recorded by our team:

  • Older campers got creative and competitive while listing as many red white and blue foods as they could think of. In total, they came up with over 20 different meals and desserts, blowing away their counselors! Everyone was a winner and enjoyed their prize of extra game time!
  • As a craft activity, campers made “Star Spangled Slime” – it quickly became a hit! Although campers did not have to be reminded that it wasn’t actually edible (unlike most recipes made at The Outback), they did not hesitate to squish and stretch the slime that they’d created.