• Farm-Camp

    Farm Camp

    Join us as we plant and tend vegetables, prepare delicious food straight out of the garden, visit with animals like ducks and sheep, and learn through hands-on exploration and experimentation. Count on dirty hands, silly stories, and yummy fresh-from-the-garden snacks! Recommended for kids ages 4-7. Looking for a camp for older kids? Try Camp Pizza […]

  • Camp-Pizza

    Camp Pizza

    Why not start the conversation about healthy food by delving into the story of some old favorites? Join us as we go from soil to grain to flour to dough; from milk to cheese; from seeds to veggies to garden fresh sauce.

Using well-loved foods as our organizing theme, we invite your child to put on […]

  • Camp-Pasta

    Camp Pasta

    Pasta – who doesn’t love it?  Spaghetti, Linguini, ravioli… what’s the story behind all those crazy shapes and sizes?  And how about those yummy sauces?   Could we make our own marinara or pesto straight from the garden?  Through careful observation and experimentation in the garden, in the kitchen, and on field trips, we will explore […]


At Common Threads, we grow good people, healthy food and strong communities through hands-on, seed-to-table educational experiences.