• A Winter Borscht Tale: “I just had to find out”

    Written by Lindsay Williams, one of our AmeriCorps Food Educators “Cabbage!”  “Carrots!” “Garlic!”  “Onion!” “Salt and pepper!”  “Olive oil!” “Lemon!” “Beets!” These were the sounds of students joyfully shouting out the ingredients of borscht pictured on a PowerPoint slide. As his classmates discussed which of these ingredients they had tried before, one fourth grader raised […]

  • Beets, cabbage, carrots and onion

    Borscht: Recipe #3 from Winter Cooking 2018-2019

    Borscht/Sopa de repollo y remolacha Serves 4-5/Sirve 4-5 Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil ½  medium yellow onion, minced 4-5 garlic cloves, minced 2 cups finely chopped green cabbage (about ¼ of a head) 1 cup grated carrot (about 1 medium carrot) 1 medium beet, chopped into small pieces 1 TBSP + 1 tsp lemon juice […]

  • Potting small seedlings

    Climate Science K-12 Teacher Summit

    Climate Science Teacher Summit pdf available here We are excited to share this opportunity with K-12 teachers! Bring your teaching skills into your schoolyard, neighborhood and beyond! The 4-part training series will provide you with deeper understanding of climate science, demystify Next Generation Science Standards, introduce Indigenous Ways of Knowing and help gain confidence to […]

  • 2019-2020 AmeriCorps Food Educator and School Farmer positions now open!

    We are excited to announce that our AmeriCorps Food Educator and AmeriCorps School Farmer positions are now open! We’re recruiting a team of AmeriCorps members for a service term that runs from 9/1/2019 to 7/15/2020. For a second year Common Threads is partnering with other similar organizations across the state of Washington.  If you are interested […]


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