Common Threads collects data each year through participation and an annual teacher survey. You can find this data along with stories throughout the year in each of our annual reports listed below.

We also completed an internal evaluation of our school-based gardening and cooking programs during the winter/spring of 2019. You can view a summary of the results here

We have continued to see each year and in our internal evaluation that as a result of Common Threads programs, kids:

  • Learn to take turns, cooperate, and care for living things
  • Blossom in a non-traditional learning setting
  • Strengthen skills (knife skills, hygiene, how to plant, tend and harvest in the garden)
  • Become excited to try new foods!

Here is a small glimpse into what impact Common Threads’ 2020-2021 programs had:

Students participating in school gardens

Schools in partnership


Teachers who believe the garden is a place of joy, safety & comfort during the pandemic

Kids accessing summer meals

Meals served