4th Grade Food Detectives

“I used to think that my parents were mean when they kept me from eating junk food, now I know they do it because they love me,” observed one 4th grader in a recent Pure Food Kids workshop. Our students are investigating ingredient labels and nutrition facts, learning about food additives, marketing, and sugar, AND […]

Triple your first month’s donation this May!

Please join us for a May Match fundraiser! Did you know that schools currently cover only 20% of the cost of food education? Common Threads relies on the support of people like YOU to connect kids to healthy food! Common Threads is seeking 100 new monthly donors ~  won’t you be one of them?  During the month of May, your […]

Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit

Imagine a fresh strawberry plucked from your home garden. A ripe tomato from your yard. Fresh fruits and veggies are tastiest just after they’re harvested ripe. – And if you grew them yourself, they’re even tastier! Maybe it’s the taste of love? Or pride? Or effort? But there’s something about the flavor of food you’ve […]

Spring Comes, and the Kids Supper Club Blossoms

“I have been waiting all day for cooking class to start!” said Xavier, a 6th grader and student chef who lives in the Regency Park Apartments. During spring break, ten student chefs in grades 3rd to 6th who live at Regency Park enthusiastically worked together to cook and serve four colorful, nutritious meals: Veggie Spring […]

Kids Dayz Spring Break Camp

The annual Kids Dayz Spring Break Camp at the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center was extra tasty this spring. Through a partnership with Common Threads, this four-day camp provided students a chance to engage their minds, hands, and taste buds.  Each day of camp focused on a particular recipe, with students working together in groups […]

Volunteer spotlight: Doug Banner and his Mason Bees

photo of Doug Banner

Three wooden blocks appeared in our office this winter. A grid of mud packed holes graced each block. The stack was labeled “emerge March” and “Doug” with a phone number… “Doug,” it turns out, referred to Doug Banner, a professor of Health and Community Studies at Western Washington University. A former student of ecology, with […]

Healthy soil, healthy kids

Dirt made my lunch, dirt made my lunch…. Thank you dirt, thanks a bunch, ‘cuz dirt made my lunch. -Banana Slug String Band Ask just about any 2nd grader with a Common Threads school garden, and they’ll tell you how important “dirt” is… But what are kids learning about soil? Soil is the mixture of minerals, […]

Common Threads Farm Camp at The Outback

Chicken whisper, Leo

His first day of Farm Camp, camper Xavier exclaimed, “My favorite part was making so many new friends!”… That’s our favorite part too! Farm Campers all enjoyed making new friends as part of their week-long adventure in cooking, eating, and exploring the magical gardens at The Outback Farm!   Experiencing their five senses in the garden, campers […]

Springtime Preschool in the Garden

Spring break camp preschool in the garden, digging up weeds!

Heading up the path to meet her parents, Sienna remarked that her least favorite part about camp is that the week “is too short”… She’s right, of course. We all wish Preschool in the Garden could happen every day! The magical gardens, trails and gathering spaces at The Outback Farm allow for endless discovery. Using all of […]

Sweet Stories from Camp Honey

Common Threads Camp Honey visiting Smith Gardens

Camp Honey got the buzz on pollinators! Throughout the week, we learned about flower anatomy, the lifecycle of a honey bee, and the role of Blue Orchard mason bees in the garden. Campers got to use beeswax to make candles and lip balm, chop up bamboo to make mason bee homes, and harvest herbs to […]