Moments from Spring Break at Regency and Sterling Meadows

During Spring Break this year, some of our Food Educators led cooking activities at both Regency and Sterling Meadows apartment complexes. Keep reading to hear some of the highlights! Our first day at each site was  “Exercise & Health Day.” We danced Zumba, stretched, and made green, nutrient-packed smoothies — and we even pickled some […]

Teaching kids creativity and connection in a low-budget kitchen pantry

by Carly Markowitz, AmeriCorps Food Educator We’ve all been there. “What can I whip up for dinner with this?”, you might say to yourself, gazing into a fridge with yesterday’s leftovers and veggies that need to be eaten before they pass their prime. Creativity and some basic cooking skills can get you a long way […]

Just Cook!: Kids Supper Clubs

by Sophie Nicholakos, AmeriCorps Food Educator “What do I do now?”, Octavio asked after we finished opening and rinsing cans of chickpeas for the Chana Masala we were making. “Well,” I  said, “Do you want to help me recycle these cans?” Octavio had never recycled cans before, so I showed him how to rinse them […]

Three Sisters Stew: Filling our minds and bellies

by Ellie Twitty, AmeriCorps Food Educator For millennia, from Mexico to Montana, women have mounded up the earth and laid three specific seeds in the ground – all in the same square foot of soil. There are many stories of how the three seeds came to be, but they all share the understanding of these […]

A Winter Borscht Tale: “I just had to find out”

Written by Lindsay Williams, one of our AmeriCorps Food Educators “Cabbage!”  “Carrots!” “Garlic!”  “Onion!” “Salt and pepper!”  “Olive oil!” “Lemon!” “Beets!” These were the sounds of students joyfully shouting out the ingredients of borscht pictured on a PowerPoint slide. As his classmates discussed which of these ingredients they had tried before, one fourth grader raised […]

Bellingham’s New Central Kitchen – a 2013 dream come to fruition!

by Sydney Latas, AmeriCorps Food Educator “I am just so proud of Bellingham,” said one Common Threads team member at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bellingham Public School’s new Central Kitchen. The work to realize the vision for the Central Kitchen, which began back in 2013, was a communal labor of love, all done to ensure […]

Applesauce – so sweet you don’t even need sugar!

By Anya Vollstedt, AmeriCorps Food Educator With the start of December, Common Threads Food Educators began teaching our second recipe of the cooking season! “What are we cooking today?!” students ecstatically asked Food Educators as they walked into the classroom. “Applesauce!”  The simplicity of this recipe allows educators and students to dive into a conversation about […]

Gimme Five for Giving Tuesday: Perspective of a Food Educator

Group of people at the Geneva garden waving at the camera

by Lindsey Rieck, AmeriCorps Food Educator During my first garden lesson at Geneva Elementary, one 3rd grade student rejected my offer of freshly picked kale from the garden during  our class taste test, saying, “I don’t eat raw food.” A few weeks and a couple classes later, I saw that same student trying Swiss chard, […]

Thankful for our Farmers

View of a field and green house on a mildly cloudy day

by Anya Vollstedt, AmeriCorps Food Educator at Common Threads When the time comes to cook with over 6000 kids, one of the big questions is, “Where will the food come from?”  For our first recipe (kale salad) for instance, we knew we would need to source 6000 kale leaves, 2400 radishes, 2400 chives, and 600 […]

The Best Salad You’ve Ever Eaten

A group of kids eating kale salad

by Sara Bauer, AmeriCorps Food Educator at Common Threads Farm “This is the best salad I’ve ever eaten!” exclaimed an excited third grader at Geneva elementary last week at the end of class, upon tasting her kale salad, the first recipe of our Winter Cooking Season 2018-2019. Students around the city and county have had […]