Gardening Resources:

NW Maritime Garden Guide – Our go-to for gardening questions in the PNW! Great information about planting, growing and harvesting all kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Includes calendars and tips!

Steve Solomon’s Gardening in the PNW and Gardening When it Counts

Swanson’s Nursery Plan and Prep your garden Guide

Seattle Urban Farm Company’s Spring Gardening with Kids 

Encyclopedia Botanica Podcast – Podcast about a variety of gardening topics

Slow Food USA – Slow Food sessions to watch and learn at home 


Kids Garden Activities: 

6 of one, half dozen of another – Food Educator Hannah introduces us to this fun, easy activity we love to do in our garden classes.  

Life Lab is one of the programs that we at Common Threads look up to.  Their store has all sorts of great books and resources for garden-based learning and the Life Lab You Tube Channel has lots of lessons that your kids could watch (with or without you!)

Mud Brick Engineering 

Find a Rainbow activity – Find red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple items in your yard or on a walk! Remember the rule of 10 (you can take ONE if there are TEN) and two handed picking techniques!

Kids Garden Yoga

Check back again for more resources as we continue to add them!