His first day of Farm Camp, camper Xavier exclaimed, “My favorite part was making so many new friends!”…

Farm Campers Spring 2018

So many new friends!

That’s our favorite part too!

Farm Campers all enjoyed making new friends as part of their week-long adventure in cooking, eating, and exploring the magical gardens at The Outback Farm!

Ihor with herb bundle

Ihor’s herb bundle


Experiencing their five senses in the garden, campers gathered fragrant herb bundles. They weeded garden beds and planted potatoes. They learned about decomposers that live in our compost and soil, and played games like “decomposer tag.” And everyone took turns coaxing and gently holding the sweet Outback hens.

Journaling in the forest garden

Preparing garden fresh healthy snacks daily together was so much fun! Some favorite recipes were the Kale Hummus Wrap, and Pasta Festa. After each snack, we fed any leftovers to the worms, so they can grow soil to grow more snacks…!

Each day’s rhythm included crafting, story time in the greenhouse, and journaling in the forest garden.

Such kind, compassionate kiddos! When they spotted a spider on a log, they raised up a chanting chorus in its defense: “LET IT LIVE, LET IT LIVE, LET IT LIVE!” – We’re so happy the future’s in their hands! When kids eat better, they learn better, act better, and feel better. Common Threads Farm campers share that experience first-hand, thanks to you!

Please enjoy these photos! You’ll find more Spring Break Camp photos posted on our Facebook page.

Freya and Nahla crafting


Farm Camp Spring 2018 The Outback Farm swing!

Taking turns on the big garden swing!

Graydon reclining in the garden

Springtime garden dreaming

The Outback garden gate, Xavier and Ayla

So many fun memories of Common Threads Farm Camp at The Outback!