School had finished for the day, but a group of 3rd through 5th grade students at Geneva Elementary were still excited to learn as they gathered to make tacos. Working as a team, students chopped apple and cabbage and made their own tortillas from scratch. Apple, cabbage and mozzarella?!! At first, kids hesitated at the mixture, but after organizing the taco bar they excitedly tasted the tacos, and most found them delicious! 

The opportunity for an expanded cooking experience is standard in Common Thread’s After School Cooking Clubs! In a smaller group setting, with two Food Educators, and more time than a typical classroom session, cooking club students prepare recipes that are a bit more complex than school day recipes. Teamwork is key. Students spend quality time getting to know each other, making new friends across classes and grade levels. 

Students enjoying green smoothies

Green smoothies are a favorite recipe!

Each week of cooking club focuses on a new recipe, with highlights including carrot bliss balls, green smoothies, and veggie sushi. During the sushi class students started by playing a guessing game, reaching their hands into a bag to feel, and try to guess, each ingredient. The kids all worked together to peel cucumbers and carrots which were then rolled into a sushi roll and dipped in soy sauce. The whole experience was a great way for students to gain exposure to new foods and talk about the joys of exploring food culture.

Student enjoying a Carrot Bliss Ball

Carrot Bliss!

Common Threads After School Cooking Clubs provide an ideal opportunity for students to develop a taste for good food, and the wonderful relationships that come from cooking together. Students transform into chefs, excited about the food they create, curious about the stories food carries with it, and open to new cooking and eating adventures.

Along with students at Geneva, kindergarten through eighth graders at Cordata Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Happy Valley Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Alderwood Elementary, and Kulshan Middle Schools all currently benefit from exciting cooking club experiences — with more opportunities coming soon: stay tuned!