Camp Honey got the buzz on pollinators! Throughout the week, we learned about flower anatomy, the lifecycle of a honey bee, and the role of Blue Orchard mason bees in the garden.

Jolie displays her mason bee house

A handmade mason bee house of bamboo!

Campers got to use beeswax to make candles and lip balm, chop up bamboo to make mason bee homes, and harvest herbs to make a warm herbal tea!

Beeswax candle pouring

Making beeswax candles!

Our week-long adventure in learning about pollinators while cooking, eating, and exploring the magical gardens & honey bee hives also included field trips! A highlight of our week was visiting the Community Food Co-op and Smith Gardens for two excellent tours filled with flower gazing and honey tasting.

After our tour at Smith Gardens, each Camp Honey camper got to take home a beautiful potted flower. Later, on the public bus ride to the downtown Community Food Co-op, campers insisted that we give the bus driver a flower. It made his day!

We were impressed by our campers’ willingness to embrace new experiences, recipes included! Some favorite recipes we prepared together:

Mika makes hummus

Making hummus!

While everyone had tried hummus previously, Camp Honey learned to make fresh hummus with simple ingredients and just a few kitchen tools. Always after snacks, we fed any leftovers to the worms so they can turn them into soil to help us grow more snacks!

Best of all, Camp Honey LOVED the chickens. Nearly ever hour, a camper would ask “When do we get to go see the chickens?” It was sweet to see Camp Honey form a special bond with the birds and take extra special care of them.

Ayana holding a hen

Chicken whisperer, Ayana

Our campers expressed their amazement at how quickly the week flew by. Every day when they arrived, they’d say, “I can’t believe we only have two days left!” and “I can’t believe we only have one day left!”

We all had such a great time. Thanks to all who made Camp Honey possible!